Adult Swim Programs

What is the Learn to Swim program like at your swim centre? If you are happy with the program that you offer and the quality of the teachers within your centre you may like to look at ways to improve and extend your business. Start with the following easy questions.

  • Do you offer lessons for Infants, Toddlers, and Squads?
  • Is your program inclusive of swimmers with additional needs?

If the answers to the above questions are no, then there are some easy ways to build and grow your business already. Ensure your teachers are well trained and enthusiastic about delivering lessons for the above classes. If the answers to the above questions are yes, then how can you grow your business even more? You may like to consider adding an adult program into your lessons.

Adult Swimming

The great thing about providing an adult swimming program is that usually these swimmers attend lessons by choice. They WANT to learn to swim. They CHOOSE to be there. They are KEEN to learn. This doesn’t always happen when teaching younger swimmers so instructors should jump at the chance to teach adults. The market for adult swimming is two-fold – beginner swimmers and swimmers for fitness.

Beginner Swimmers

Believe it or not there are some adults out there who have never had swimming lessons or learnt to swim properly. There are many reasons for this – fear, religion, location, weather, access and many more opportunities may have arisen in an adult’s life

Fitness Swimmers

Many adults are competent in swimming skills and would like to swim for fitness and health. They may have a background in competitive swimming or have learned later in life.

Points to Consider When Providing an Adult Program

  • Ensure times available for adult lessons are appropriate – beginners may be embarrassed to swim at the same time as younger swimmers. Keep in mind work and school drop-off/pickup times may not work for adults
  • Communicate with adults – ask about the reasons why they are swimming – do they want fitness, stroke correction, skills and drills, safety? Teaching adults will be a real partnership between teacher and swimmer as they may have goals and that they would like to achieve.
  • Adults may learn at a different pace than each other. Be prepared to provide different activities to adults who are learning at different paces within the lesson. Ensure instructors are mindful of supervision and safety when providing different learning opportunities for adults.
  • The learn to swim process may be different for adults with pre-disposed attitudes to the water. Learners may be more comfortable on their back with their face out of the water. Fitness swimmers may also prefer face out breaststroke or backstroke swimming.
  • Use equipment to assist in learning and fitness but ensure swimmers are doing some swimming without. Flippers, paddles, kickboard and pullbuoys may assist in teaching adults to swim.

Ensure adult swimmers are rewarded in their lessons too! Everyone likes to be congratulated when they are improving. Examples of this – verbal congratulations, appearing in newsletter or participating in a swimming carnival at the swim school may give adult swimmers a boost in confidence and reward.


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