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The frequently asked questions are set up specifically for this section of the website and comes from questions that have been asked of us in the past. If you can’t find the answer to your question below – please submit it via the form at the bottom of the page and will we reply to it directly and add your question with our answer to the FAQ section.

How should classes be organised?

In baby and toddler program’s classes should be grouped according to growth and development. The child’s development on land will have huge implications on the learn to swim program and determine the suitability of skills to include in the lesson framework.

One children turn four years of age and above children should be grouped by ability level. Homogenous grouping creates the ideal teaching and learning environment. Teachers can develop a lesson plan that’s appropriate for everyone in the group, give equal attention to all, ensure maximum practice time in the lesson and avoid behavioural distractions during class.

Before swimmers commence they should be assessed by teachers so that they can be scheduled into an appropriate class. This should be done outside of formal lessons to avoid class disturbances. Many swim schools offer free assessments to potential customers.

How should swim schools compensate missed lessons?

Laurie does no believe in make up lessons. Make up lessons which are slotted into regular classes are very disruptive. Children are placed into groups for the convenience of parents often with teachers they don’t know and students of varying ability levels. This often causes dissatisfaction for other customers, as the make up lesson distracts from the regular class.

Make up lessons are difficult for administration to manage. Furthermore they encourage parents to be inconsistent with lesson attendance. If family’s understand there is a no make up lesson policy they turn up for their class and children progress faster.

Laurie likes to compensate missed lessons by offering a free holiday intensive program. In this instance children are grouped into classes according to their ability level and in an environment that is conducive for learning. During this intensive program parents will see a rapid improvement in their child’s swimming skills.

What qualifications and insurance should my teachers have?

All teachers should hold professional certifications and memberships with recognised swimming Bodies. In Australia the governing bodies are AUSTSWIM and ASCTA (Australia Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association).

Teachers must also hold as a minimum a current CPR certificate. Extension courses for first aid and pool lifeguarding are also recommended.

Current AUSTSWIM Licensed Teachers™ who reside in Australia are covered by Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. Swim schools must obtain a business insurance policy. Swim schools should seek professional advise from an insurance broker.

What sort of help will my swim school get from WWSS?

WWSS has been designed to share Laurie Lawrence’s world renowned philosophies and program’s for teaching swimming. Laurie’s program is unique in that he has progressed raw beginners to medals at the Olympic Games. Laurie is recognised as an international expert on teaching babies through learn to swim and stroke development.

Laurie is an Australia water safety advocate and has operates swim schools in Australia since 1966. He is passionate about lifting the standard of the learn to swim industry through professional development. Laurie wants to share his knowledge via interactive learning, video streaming, high level articles, lesson plans, live events, newsletters and more.

Who is World Wide Swim School design for?

WWSS is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to teach quality swimming programs. WWSS is ideal for:

  • Busy parents with home pools
  • Rural/remote parents with limited access to quality instruction
  • Swimming teachers who wish to enhance their knowledge
  • Swim school operators wanting to educate staff
  • Associations

How can the Professional Development Hub assist my program?

There are a couple of ways we can help you reach the specific goals for your Swim School by offering you a subscription package which includes all 20 online training modules, lesson plans for every age group and a load of resources, including video skill based resources, important articles and links. But it doesn’t stop there Laurie and the team will be adding new resources every month and continually developing new modules to help develop your teachers skills to a high level.< Laurie will also be holding one live event each month for all staff to join in live online ond view over again at a later date. The Swim School operator will be given access to an easy to use management interface that they can access from any computer with an internet connection and allocate training to staff, track their progress, view multiple reports and export valuable information about their knowledge. [/av_toggle] [av_toggle title='Can we use this platform to build our own inhouse training?' tags=''] Yes you can, once you have the World wide Swim School Professional Development Hub for your swim school, for a small additional fee per annum you will be given access to your very own creation interface that is very use friendly. With one platform you will be able to have access to all the latest teaching methodologies from Laurie Lawrence and also upload and create your own training manuals, procedures manuals and visual video training and have it all hosted in the cloud, no more paper based training. Your staff will be able to do their training from anywhere r you can use the platform to do your group training. For more information just click on the In-House training for staff tab in the Swim School section of this website to learn more. [/av_toggle] [av_toggle title='I cannot open and view the PDF or links in Resources' tags=''] The reason you cannot view some resources may be that you have Pop-ups disabled in the browser you are using. To see our resources you will need to allow pop-ups for our site, to learn how go to the below link;

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