The Importance of Self-Evaluations

As instructors, we constantly think about our swimmers and how we can help to improve their swimming skills.


Just as we strive to make our swimmers great, we should aim to do the same for ourselves and look towards continually improving our own teaching skills.  It is important to reflect on our teaching performance and think about ways to improve for the benefit of our students and for our own professional development.


Taking time out to reflect won’t take long and performing a self-evaluation or personal performance review is as simple as asking yourself a few key questions.


Ask yourself the following when you are creating and delivering your lesson plans for swimmers at any stage of the learn to swim process:


Have I created a lesson that is challenging for the class group?


Are the drills I have chosen appropriate for the class group?


Were swimmers interested, engaged and moving for the duration of the class?


Did I provide a happy and safe learning environment?


Did I provide corrections and feedback where necessary?


Was the lesson enhanced by using techniques to ensure all swimmers understood the task?
(Demonstrations, land drill, manipulation, simple instructions etc.)


What was my body language like when delivering the lesson?


Was the class positive for all involved?


What could I have done to make this class better?


By asking yourself these simple questions and reflecting on your teaching performance at the end of each shift, it will help you become the best instructor you can be.


Always remember that the key to being a great teacher is being an effective communicator.
Don’t be afraid to communicate with management or other team members at your swim school if there is something you feel you need help with.


Don’t be afraid to communicate with parents or caregivers about strategies to help get the best out of their children – it shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to help improve their swimming skills.

What are some things you do to help improve your teaching skills?  Share in the comments section below.


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