Laurie’s Recipe For Success

Laurie Lawrence is a well renowned and respected person in the aquatics industry.  Laurie has had much success in all areas of teaching swimming.  He has provided swimming lessons from babies all the way up to adults.  In fact Laurie has had the privilege of teaching frightened beginners to swim who have gone on to excel in the swimming industry and medal at the Olympic Games.

Laurie has been recognised by the International Swimming Hall of Fame for contribution to the aquatics industry in both the Infant and Coaching sectors.  He has taught and coached many swimmers to local, state, national and international accolades throughout his illustrious career.


Laurie has a tried and tested Recipe for Success that he uses in his daily life.  World Wide Swim School would like to share with you this Recipe for Success.

  • Dream
  • Plan
  • Work
  • Persist
  • Refocus


This Recipe for Success has helped Laurie achieve things in life such as his many swimming success stories as well as playing Rugby Union for Australia, achieving a happy marriage and raising his now grown children.

There are many measures to success.  Be it professional or personal it is hoped that you can get something from this article that will help you in your life.



What is your dream?  Is it to be a knowledgeable infant teacher?  A well respected and liked swimming teacher?  Coach an international representative?  All of these require an expectation of excellence of perfection.

So where do you start? Study and practise on your clients?  Teach the child and develop a champion?  Recruit an athlete and foster success?  No matter which way you decide to go you must have a plan.



A plan is like a road map to success.  You must get the foundations right to become successful in the long run.  Ask yourself the following questions.

  • How are you going to implement the plan?
  • How long will it take to achieve?
  • What do you need to know?
  • How are you going to learn?
  • Do you need people to help you?
  • How will you ask for and choose your help?
  • Will you need to train your peers who assist you?


Once you have decided on your plan you must arm yourself with the knowledge that you will need.  Where will you get this knowledge?  Do you need to participate in extra study?  Find a mentor that can guide you?  Do you need more practise and experience?



American swim coach and University of Michigan alumni Matt Mann said “Nothing easy is worth doing”.  Once you have your dream and your plan it’s time to get to work!

Build a culture of best practise or excellence with a vision to become ‘the best’.  Which best?  Best in the swim school? In the State?  In the World?  The answer is up to you!

Pay attention to the every day details.  Work towards achieving excellence in every skill, every stroke, every drill, every effort, every day!

Quality can not be an occasional thing.  Pay attention to the process of doing everything well daily to keep improving on the current standard.



Success doesn’t come overnight!  There will be times when things don’t go your way or come together in the way that you had hoped.

Many give up before they reach their true potential!  Stick with it – you have your dream, you have your plan, you are working towards your goal!  Persist and don’t stop!

Mistakes can make us disillusioned and defeated or they can make us stronger and more determined.



Once you achieve your goal it’s time to look for new challenges.  How many true success stories do we now who have had success at the top of their game and continued to strive for this success again and again!

Great teachers and coaches evaluate the success of their campaign with an honest eye.  They refocus and re-evaluate when necessary and start again.

Laurie’s Recipe for Success has helped him achieve many things in his life.  He continues to use this recipe daily and receives great accomplishments throughout his life still to this day.

Good luck with your Recipe for Success in life.  It is hoped that Laurie’s words can be an inspiration in your life and help you achieve great success in whatever it is that you hope for.


Laurie believes that his Recipe for Success will help parents, children, athletes and all people achieve great things.  Remember the steps that help him succeed.

  • Dream
  • Plan
  • Work
  • Persist
  • Refocus


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