Laurie Teaching Freestyle

Learning the Freestyle swimming stroke

By using a progressive learn to swim approach all children have the opportunity to learn the modern freestyle swimming action.

Swimming has long been a popular activity for fun, fitness, health and safety. Evidence in cave paintings indicates that even stoneage man did some form of swimming. Competitive swimming has come a long way since the first gold medal was won in Olympic competition by Alfred Harjos of Hungary. Competitive freestyle swimming requires training, incorporating strength and flexibility but most importantly for speed swimming the individual must have the correct swimming technique.

Freestyle technique has evolved over years. Archival footage shows many past champions with a variety of kicking actions such as trudgeon, cross over, two or four beat kick. The biggest improvement in modern speed swimming has come from the use of the six beat kick. Almost all the modern champion swimmers prefer this style of swimming. It takes time and patience to teach children this type of swimming action but with good skill development and a graded teaching program all children have the opportunity to learn the modern freestyle swimming action correctly.

The Laurie Lawrence method of teaching freestyle follows a progressive learn to swim approach. Children must perfect all basic learn to swim skills like streamline floating and good body position in the water before progressing to the next skill. This progressive approach that focuses on quality has proven to be so successful that it has taken beginners to medals at the Olympic games.

Learning to swim should be a positive experience for both parent and child.

There are a number of skills that you need to understand and learn how to teach important elements of the learn to swim process, even if you are a parent.

Here are 5 important skills that you need to learn to help your child;

  • Introduction to Freestyle,
  • The building blocks of Freestyle,
  • Importance of propulsion for Freestyle,
  • Learning efficient Freestyle breathing,
  • Timing.

Now take a look at this short video to give you an overview of what you need to Know!

Well done, that is the first step to being better prepared and equipped with the knowledge and skills to assist your little one through to becoming a confident and happy little swimmer.

To feel confident yourself with the knowledge required to achieve these goals, let me show you how to


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