Preparing for the Cooler Months

It’s really important to educate and inform swimmers and their parents about how to prepare for the cooler months ahead. By giving them information on what to do before, during and after this will make a big difference mentally and physically for them to continue swimming.

Preparation for Before Swimming Lesson

If a swimmer is cold prior to the lesson it can be difficult for that swimmer to warm up during the lesson. Inform your swimmers and parents to:

  • Come to your lesson wearing your swimmers under your clothes
  • Stay warm and dressed until a couple of minutes before the lesson starts
  • Prep clothing and have towels out ready for when the lesson is finished

During Swimming Lesson

It’s important for the swimmer to keep mobile during the lesson as this circulates the blood in the body to keep warm.

  • Design your lesson plan to keep your students moving throughout the lesson
  • Remember to never express verbally or non-verbally to the swimmers or parents that you are or it’s cold and stay positive and up-beat throughout your shift
  • If you see a student feeling a little cool, give them ideas to keep warm.

For example:
 Wear a singlet, T-shirt under or over their swimming togs
 Wear a swimming cap to keep the head warm
 Wear a swimming suit
After Swimming Lesson

    Remind your swimmers and parents to wear warm clothing home after their swimming lesson by wearing:

  • Warm clothes e.g. singlet, long sleeve shirt and tracksuit pants
  • Dry their hair properly before leaving the pool
  • Wear something on their feet to keep them warm

What are some techniques you use to keep your swimmers moving and engaged during lessons? Share in the comments below.


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