Professional Development Hub for your Staff

Laurie Lawrence has designed 20 interactive training modules, countless skills based training video resources, lesson plans and much more that will help educate teachers and equip them with the tools they need to ensure that their Learn to Swim classes are fun and effective. These lessons have been designed so you can take Laurie with you, with the ability for you to go over the information again and again, Laurie will be your personal training expert.

These exclusive professional development training modules and resources developed by Laurie will assist Swim schools by:

  • Have all staff trained in the same skills and techniques
  • Laurie Lawrence Methodology
  • Certified badge – for emails, website, social media
  • Management interface to manage your staffs progress
  • New content is added every month
  • Loads of lesson plans
  • 20 online training modules
  • Instructional videos
  • Teacher resources
  • Live online events each month with Laurie
  • Easy monthly payments
  • Q & A’s with Laurie Lawrence
  • Listing in the Swim School Directory
Swim School

With the latest technologies available World Wide Swim School is able to bring Laurie’s wealth of knowledge directly to every swim teacher in your swim school through its Professional Development Hub. Already having teachers in over 120 countries accessing these resources and our pilot Swim Schools utilising the Learning Hub, we have taken the time to listen to what you have been asking for and developed a simple monthly subscription that will give you access to Laurie through the Learning Hub.


  • 20 Specially designed best practice training modules
  • Countless skill based training videos
  • Lesson plans for all age groups and class types
  • Latest research and high level industry important articles
  • Be front row with Laurie and the team though their unique Swim School Hang Out
  • Missed the live Hang Out via any computer world wide. get access at any time
  • Every month your teachers will receive –
    • NEW Skill Based Training Videos
    • NEW Lesson Plans
    • NEW Live Event through the Hub
    • NEW Industry Important Articles

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