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This four-year project is sponsored by the swim industry to explore the possibility that early years swimming may enhance the learning of young children. Focusing on under-5s, the project has employed a number of research strategies to formally explore a strong observation by coaches and teachers in the swim industry that young swimmers are more confident, more articulate, more social and perhaps even a little ‘smarter’ than their non-swimming peers.

By using the notion of ‘capital adding’, the project employs funnelling research strategies to identify in what ways, if any, participation in early years swimming might enhance the learning of young children. A large survey is conducted each year asking parent to report on their children’s development. The responses are then correlated and compared to the expected progression through developmental milestones. To test the veracity of these data, a sample of swimming children is then further assessed by developmental psychologists using internationally approved testing methods.

Swim schools themselves are also examined – the physical environments are assessed and the pedagogies employed by swim schools are profiled. Through this process, it will be possible to outline quality swim school practices.

Collectively, these research protocols will be used to assess whether or not early years swimming can enhance young Australians learning.

To read these extremely important reports and to gain a great understanding of the benefits swimming provides in the early years of a child’s life, click on the following link:

Early Years Swimming link

Laurie Lawrence and Robyn Jorgensen

Other Important Reports


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