The number one question we get asked at World Wide Swim School is where can I find a teacher that is teaching the Laurie Lawrence Methodology?

So we have created an online directory in the parents section that will lead them to the closest teacher that is a current member of the Swim Teachers Professional Development Hub.

Teachers who are listed in the WWSS directory have made a commitment to continue with their professional development training. This will give parents the comfort of knowing that the teacher has been given the best training from the worlds leading learn to swim master.

Laurie wants to lift the standard of teaching that is being offered in the industry and was determined to create the most comprehensive training program for swim teachers. Teachers must have a current accreditation from a participating association and Senior First Aid Certificate.

To list your details in the directory please fill out the below form, please remember any details supplied will be seen through the directory, you may wish to give your swim school address and contact details rather then having your personal ones online. If you wish to have your photo or an image included, please email with your name to [email protected]

Directory Image

Send us your details

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