What should my 3 year old be doing in the water?

Children perfect basic swim skills. Streamline floating, fast kicking and long accelerated paddling down the centreline leads to a great swimming technique at an early age.

During 3 to 4 years of age children become very capable and confident in their swimming ability. Even so, it is important that parents and swimming teachers do not underestimate the value of parental involvement and supervision during the swimming lesson. Parental involvement in the swim lesson allows for a safe and secure learning environment, maximum swim practice time, and continual direction and attention. This one on one attention is essential to develop children’s optimal swimming potential.

For three to four year old children learn to swim activities should concentrate on building basic swimming skills that lead to good freestyle and backstroke technique. If we perfect basic swimming skills such as streamline floating, fast kicking and long accelerated paddling down the centreline we build strong foundations and set children up for a great future swimming technique.

Learning to swim should be a positive experience for both parent and child.

There are a number of skills that you need to understand and learn how to teach important elements of the learn to swim process, even if you are a parent.

Here are 8 important skills that you need to learn to help your child;

  • Introduction to the water,
  • Keeping the child feeling safe at all times,
  • Predefined Goals we want to achieve,
  • Importance of revision,
  • Streamline the body position,
  • Building a strong Backstroke,
  • Kicking on the back,
  • More Propulsion
  • Learning to Breathe efficiently.

Now take a look at this short video to give you an overview of what you need to Know!

Well done, that is the first step to being better prepared and equipped with the knowledge and skills to assist your little one through to becoming a confident and happy little swimmer.

To feel confident yourself with the knowledge required to achieve these goals, let me show you how to


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