What you need to know

The best way for parents to assist in teaching their children to swim is for them to understand:

  • What to look for in a good swim school and questions to ask
  • What a good program includes
  • Understanding their child’s physical development
  • Knowing how to work with their child outside of swimming classes
  • What their child is capable of for their age

Laurie Lawrence has designed 13 modules that will help educate parents and equip them with the tools they need to ensure that their child’s Learn to Swim experience is fun and effective. These online lessons have been designed to bring Laurie into your home, with the ability for you to go over the information again and again, Laurie will be your personal expert.

To assist in this, the lessons are broken into two main categories, the first 9 lessons are broken down into age groups so you will understand what your child is capable of, what to look out for in a quality learn to Swim program and how you can assist your child to move forward quickly in a loving and fun manner. The second set of 4 lessons is specially design for parents who have children that have learnt how to swim and now wish to improve their various strokes.

There is an introduction video on each of the lessons so you understand exactly what you will learn by purchasing the lesson.

All so often we have heard parents say they have wasted a season and hundreds of dollars on lessons where their child has not made any improvement. We will arm you with the right knowledge and understanding of your child’s physical development stage to ensure that you keep your child’s progression on track.

Get started now with Laurie’s Online Lessons

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