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Read some testimonials from some of our satisfied clients around the world, on how World Wide Swim School has helped them with success in their business and beyond.

From Swim Teachers to Swim School Owners, we have something to suit everyone's needs and to help you progress in your teaching skills and development. 

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Swim Teacher, Melbourne

Loved the PD Academy platform! World Wide Swim School has been the most valuable resource of learning for me. The Philosophy of Teaching Swimming allows us as Teachers to put everything into place, providing the best possible outcome.

As an Infant & Preschool Teacher, seeing this beautiful gentle approach to learning is what I aspire to teach most, the skills, knowledge and understanding of how the development progress unfolds all makes sense and is so vital.

Great job!

Swim School manager, Brisbane

I highly recommend the Child Safe Training Hub. The online training is simple, easy to use, easy to understand and covers important aspects of child safety. It is a step-by-step process to follow working towards meeting the 10 Child Safe Standards. 

There are separate modules for management and staff. By ensuring our instructors completed the staff modules, I felt comfortable that we were a significant step closer to compliance with the Child Safe Standards.

We now have our Child Safety Policy and Code of Conduct embedded in our swim school. 

Swim School Manager, USA

For the last 2 years, we have been unable to run face to face training with our staff due to Covid lock downs. The Swim School Hub has been a valuable asset for training our staff during these times. Convenience and varied modules for the new instructors to senior instructors is brilliant. 

The modules have given staff new ideas to keep motivated and have clearer outcomes for their students. Keeping track of  staff qualifications, and the ability to assist staff to update their qualifications has kept valuable staff from leaving. The set up and continued support has been fantastic.

A great tool for every swim school.

Swim School Owners, Canada, on the Swim School hub

Using the Swim School Hub helps to ensure that everyone who works with us, runs their lessons “our chosen way”, ensures a consistency of teaching styles across all of our classes and locations. We have a true understanding of what we are teaching and why, with a proven teaching method.

This has given us much more confidence in our lesson delivery. The resources available are immense, everything is clear and very easy to follow and the support and customer care has been amazing. We are so happy we found the WWSS training for our swim school.

We would recommend it to everyone!

Swim coordinator, WA, on the Swim school hub 

WWSS has been an invaluable resource for our Learn to Swim program and our swimming instructors alike. The online Swim School Hub has been instrumental in helping our swim instructors achieve excellence in our swimming program across all levels.

The easy-to-follow format, videos and simple instructions across all levels has been a great way to keep our instructors engaged in teaching.

Would highly recommend to anyone thinking of using the platform.

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