How it works:

Streamline swim school operations with Electronic Forms!

  1. Swim school managers can access all forms via the Forms folder on their manager dashboard. These can be assigned to individual staff members or groups of staff.
  2. Once assigned, your staff will be able to access their assigned forms in their To-Do List. Here, they can complete and submit their forms.
  3. If approval is required, submitted forms will appear in your manager To-Do List for approval.

Forms include:

  • Leave Applications
  • Duty Checklists
  • Offender Reports
  • Pool Testing Log & Chemical Register
  • Hazards Register
  • & so much more

We will continuously be releasing new forms to the platform.

About the Swim School Hub

Laurie Lawrence has designed over 55 interactive training modules, over 160 skill-based training video resources, lesson plans and much more that will help educate teachers and equip them with the tools they need to ensure that their classes are fun and effective. These lessons have been designed so you can take Laurie with you, with the ability for you to go over the information again and again, Laurie will be your personal training expert. As a member of World Wide Swim School, Swim School Members can access logo, imagery and messaging to place on their swim school’s website, social media, newsletters and printed materials.
The Swim School Hub provides your swim school with an extensive range of benefits: If you have any questions, please contact us or visit our ‘Your Questions Answered’ page.