Trauma-informed practice is a strengths-based framework based on 5 core principles

- Safety -

- Trustworthiness -

- Choice -

- Collaboration -

- Empowerment, as well as respect for diversity -

Embedded in all areas of operations in aquatics; swim teaching and coaching, administration, staff and customer relations. These five core principles form the strengths-based framework that foster true collaboration and power-sharing between workers and those seeking help at all service levels.

Why You Should Be Trauma-Informed

First, Do No Harm

Becoming trauma informed is an ethical and professional responsibility so as to - First Do No Harm.

Your Duty of Care

As aquatic professionals, we have a duty of care to protect those in our care and to ensure the safety of all involved.

Improve Your Knowledge

An important step forward in gaining knowledge and skills to deliver safer, more engaging and effective aquatic programs.

Achieve Optimal Performance

A trauma-informed practitioner shares power and control to achieve optimal engagement, learning and wellbeing outcomes.

Becoming Trauma-Informed

World Wide Swim School has partner with Trauma-Informed Aquatics to bring you expert training and guidance on trauma-informed practices in the aquatics setting. The training has been developed by Janine Ramsey, Trauma-Informed Aquatics Specialist @Trauma Informed Aquatics in consultation with the aquatics industry and experts in the mental health and trauma field.

With Trauma-Informed Aquatics, you will be better equipped for your role as a child advocate and protecting every child's right to safe, positive and healthy swimming experiences.


Trauma-Informed Training Module

Increase your knowledge and skill in delivering safer, more engaging and effective swim lessons and aquatic programs.

Learn important foundational theory along with helpful practical strategies that can be applied immediately in your lessons, program and organisation.



Very helpful and provides practical tips!

It provided practical tips and simple explanations. The module content was very helpful in explaining the way to handle things and provides an understanding of how people and little people react. I would definitely recommend this training to other swim practitioners.

Laurie Lawrence Swim School , Swim Teacher

Thank you for expanding awareness!

It was a good reminder to insure the child feels safe and comfortable in the environment and not to make them do things they don’t feel comfortable with. Thank you for expanding the awareness to all of our team, it not only makes a big step forward in our industry but also in the world.

Laurie Lawrence Swim School , Swim School

A comprehensive analysis of all of the facets on trauma-free aquatics!

Congratulations!! This is a comprehensive analysis of all of the facets on trauma-free aquatics! The module covers an immense amount of material that provides a thorough understanding of the impact of trauma and what to do to avoid trauma in aquatics to make learning how to swim an enjoyable experience. I liked the combination of videos by instructors and professionals, as well as quizzes to enhance the learning.

This training is an invaluable resource to assure safe and enjoyable swimming instruction for children.

Frances S. Waters , Author: Healing the Fractured Child: Diagnosis and Treatment of Youth with Dissociation & ©CIT-DY, Checklist of Trauma & Dissociation in Youth

The module provided great explanations!

The module did a great job at explaining the science behind how/why people will respond to traumatic experiences. I enjoyed all of it - I believe it’s a beautiful thing to see the awareness of trauma and how we can positively help children enjoy swimming long term.

Laurie Lawrence Swim School , Swim Teacher

What you'll get from this training

By completing this introductory professional development module in trauma-informed practice you will be taking an important step forward in gaining knowledge and skills to deliver safer, more engaging and effective aquatic programs.

Swimmers, staff, parents and carers that feel safe and happy when engaging with your aquatic organization and program will achieve optimal performance and wellbeing outcomes. In turn this can help you to feel more successful and fulfilled in your important role as an aquatics professional whether this be as a swim teacher, swim coach, administrator or other aquatics professional.

Expert Knowledge

Written content, voiceovers, video content, quizzes and templates to help you apply your new knowledge in the field. 

CPD Points

Gain 1 CPD point upon completion of the 60 minute online module for teacher licence renewal.                 

12 Months Access

You'll have access to the training for 12 months from the purchase date. Re-watch and refresh your skills any time!

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of the module, participants will receive a certificate of completion. 

Are you ready to be


We knew you'd say yes! Luckily, we have instant access to the Introduction to Trauma-Informed Aquatics available now. Follow the link below to start your journey to becoming a Trauma-Informed swim professional today. 

ABOUT | Janine Ramsey

BSc, Dip Counselling, Cert Trauma Professional.

Janine is an aquatics specialist with over 40 years professional experience in the aquatics industry, including as a former elite athlete, swim school owner and swim teacher. An international presenter and consultant to the aquatics industry with a special focus on trauma-informed practice in aquatics. Janine collaborates with the Blue Knot Foundation and is a telephone crisis supporter with Lifeline.

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