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Consistency is Key

When it comes to running a good quality Aquatics program, one thing is clear – consistency is important for success! There are many parts of the program that will benefit from this consistency – there are just a few discussed in this article. STAFF Clients form an attachment or bond with the staff that they […]

Home Tips for getting ready to start the Conditioning Process

Conditioning your baby is one of the best ways to prepare him or her for swimming lessons, water familiarization and more importantly, submersions. Here are some handy tips to consider prior to conditioning and exactly how to carry it out. – Ensure that you have all equipment that you will need for practicing conditioning ready […]

5 Handy Tips for Behaviour Management

Teaching swimming can be a very exciting and rewarding experience but there are times when swimmers misbehave or have trouble remaining on task.  This can be frustrating for teachers and result in a less than perfect lesson. Good teachers are committed to providing excellent quality lessons to each and every swimmer that attends their lesson.  […]

Workplace Health & Safety

Swimming centres should be a safe and healthy place for both clients that participate in swimming lessons, patrons who attend for public swims and the staff that work in and around the pool every day. All swim centres should be committed to ensuring a safe & healthy workplace for staff and others who are affected […]

The Important Of Teaching Swim Arounds

Swim arounds are an important part of the Learn to Swim process.  Swimmers who are confident in their swim around abilities will have a great foundation in their swimming abilities in the water. What exactly is the Swim Around skill??  Great question.  Let us explain… Swim arounds start in a safe place in the water […]

Dressing for Swimming Lessons

Parents often wonder about the best way to dress their children for sporting activities.  What is the correct outfit for running, gymnastics, soccer and swimming?  What do all of the other children wear? There are many different options for swimwear/accessories for swimming lessons.  Here are our suggestions for swimming attire for lessons.   Young swimmers […]

Why Is Parental Involvement Important In Swimming Lessons?

Baby and Toddler swimming lessons often recommend that parents stay in the water and participate in their child’s lesson.  WorldWideSwimSchool is a huge believer in parents staying involved in the learning process until the age of 4.  This article will discuss the many reasons that we believe in parental involvement in the learn to swim […]

School Holiday Swimming

Have you had a break from your regular swimming lessons over the holiday period?  Are social commitments interfering with regular attendance to your lessons at this time?  There are still ways to ensure that your child is practicing the skills used in swimming lessons.  Here are some tips to help: Get In The Water Even […]

Swim Cap and Goggles YES or NO

Does your swim school have a policy on wearing cap and goggles within the swimming lesson?  Caps and goggles can aid swimmers experience in their lesson.  They can also be a hindrance within the lesson if used incorrectly.  If you don’t currently have a policy on wearing cap and goggles you may find some of […]

Laurie’s Recipe For Success

Laurie Lawrence is a well renowned and respected person in the aquatics industry.  Laurie has had much success in all areas of teaching swimming.  He has provided swimming lessons from babies all the way up to adults.  In fact Laurie has had the privilege of teaching frightened beginners to swim who have gone on to […]