Plan, Prepare, Practice

As a swim teacher, coach or swim school, the safety of your students, and those around you,

should come first and foremost. Emergency Risk Ready training has been designed to provide you with 

the training resources for induction, and continued development, of your work force.


We help you learn how to plan, prepare and respond to common emergency

scenarios in an aquatic-based setting. It’s important to know how to respond to an emergency,

therefore, well-trained staff will know how to handle any emergency situation, calmly and concisely. 

Be prepared for all emergencies

- Medical emergencies 

- Site Operations 

- Pool Plant Room

Why Emergency Risk Training is Important

Minimise the Risk of Harm

Learn how to prepare for and manage the most common emergencies that arise in a swim school.

Know Your Obligations

As a swim professional, you have a legal obligation to customers and staff to ensure their safety. 

It Could be Life or Death

Being confident in your ability to respond appropriately in any emergency could be the difference between life and death.

Avoid Repercussions

Being ill-prepared for an emergency has ongoing repercussions, including PTSD, physical injuries and reputational impacts.

Becoming Emergency Risk Ready

- Do you know what the common emergencies that arise in a Swim School are? -

- Do you know how to respond when an emergency occurs? -

Swim professionals know that emergency situations can happen at any time.

That's why it's so important to be prepared with the most up-to-date and relevant training available. 

Emergency Risk Training, in association with World Wide Swim School, have developed

a series of video-based emergency procedure modules, tailored to the aquatics industry, 

for staff to complete on induction, and ongoing to refresh training. With this valuable resource,

you'll be equipped to handle whatever comes your way, ensuring the safety of everyone in your care.


Emergency Risk Ready: Learn How to Prepare Yourself

Accidents will happen. Ensuring that swim professionals have enough emergency training reduces the risk of accidents and incidents.

Emergency Risk Ready Training provides expert knowledge with interactive online modules, leading to higher staff consciousness and a reduction in injuries.



I knew exactly what to do in an emgerncy

I experienced an emergency where a lady had collapsed in the water. Because I completed this training and watched the videos, I knew exactly what I needed to do to help her.

Connor , Swim Teacher

Very helpful and provides practical tips!

It provided practical tips and simple explanations. The module content was very helpful in explaining the way to handle things and provides an understanding of how people and little people react. I would definitely recommend this training to other swim practitioners.

Laurie Lawrence Swim School , Swim Teacher

Gives me confidence to know how to respond

Having the knowledge that my team have completed watched the ERR videos and completed this comprehensive online training gives me the confidence to know they will be able to respond appropriately in an emergency situation if one is to occur.

Alice , Swim School Supervisor

What you'll get from this training

Emergency Risk Ready training modules are designed to improve the safe work practices of all staff in the aquatics profession.


A well planned induction process is vital in response to all types of emergencies, and will ensure safety and security in a swimming environment. These videos and safe-paced learning will save you time and money, and will make the difference between life and death. 

Expert Knowledge

Written content, voiceovers, video content, quizzes and templates to help you apply your new knowledge in the field. 

CPD Points

Gain CPD points upon completion of each online module within the training for teacher licence renewal.               

12 Months Access

You'll have access to the training for 12 months from the purchase date. Re-watch and refresh your skills any time!

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of the module, participants will receive a certificate of completion. 

Do you want to be emergency risk ready?

We knew you'd say yes! Luckily, we have instant access to the "Emergency Risk Ready Training – Learn How to Prepare Yourself" training module available now. So don't wait - Follow the link below to get started and rest assured that you're prepared for anything.

ABOUT | Emergency Risk Ready

Emergency Risk Ready (ERR) have partnered with WWSS to share the ERR training resources to the aquatics industry.

Ross Smith (Emergency Risk Consultant) and Lesley Rudd (Swim School Owner) initially developed emergency procedure manuals and innovative emergency staff induction training for Lesley’s swim school. They then decided to bring their expertise together to develop the Emergency Risk Ready induction training package and make it available for all Swim Schools.

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World Wide Swim School’s training modules and resources have all been developed to educate the swimming industry, children and parents about water safety and best practices, by using Laurie’s world-renowned philosophies. 


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