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Using Mats Within A Swim Lesson

Using Mats Within A Lesson. Using equipment can be a rewarding and interesting part of your lesson.  It’s important that all equipment used in your lesson has a swimming related purpose.  You may have the world’s cutest toys but if you’re not using them to further your swimmer’s skills then you are wasting your swimmer’s […]

Laurie’s passion for water safety

All my life I have been passionate about teaching and educating, and even though the greatest accolades I have received have not been for the thing that I strive for the most I am very happy to have been able help others achieve such great success at the Olympics. What I am really passionate about […]

Circuits in Swimming lessons

Following on from the article last month about circuits in your swim school. Over the years the team at World Wide Swim School (WWSS) have developed countless lesson plans and ideas about how to run effective and efficient swimming lessons to get the best out of swimmers. One of our favourite things to incorporate into […]

Using circuit stations in swimming programs

A circuit is a group of different activities that are followed in succession. They can be dynamic and continually moving or stationary and moving intermittently. This article will look at Circuit Stations. Circuit stations allow for high repetition of skills over a particular time frame. Students are asked to switch stations after completing an individual […]

Diving for Toys

Swimmers of all ages love diving under water during their swimming lessons. Children can have so much fun playing in the swimming pool, diving and retrieving toys from a ledge or the bottom of the pool. As swimmers mature and become more comfortable diving to the bottom they can also use this skill for dolphin […]

Floating for babies

Floating is the most important skill in the learn-to-swim process. Floating is the basis of all learn to swim and gives baby the opportunity to feel their own buoyancy. Once baby feels that fun floating sensation and that feeling of weightlessness, they will become relaxed and at home in the water. Free floating is also […]

The Importance of Manipulation

When a child is learning to swim, more often than not, it will be a totally new experience. They will be using muscles in a different way and context to how they use them on land for sport and recreational activities.  As an instructor, how many times have you seen young swimmers use a “bicycling” […]

My Child is misbehaving at swimming again!

You’re at your weekly swimming lesson and “Lachlan” is playing up once again. You’ve given him the warning speech before the lesson started but once again it’s gone in one ear and out the other. He’s bobbing underwater while the teacher is talking and he’s distracting the other children in the class. This is when […]

Swim Clinics for Fast Tracking and Learning Skills

Organising swim clinics at your centre can be a great way to enhance swimmer’s skills and knowledge on specific strokes in a concentrated period of time.  Swim clinics can be run for a variety of sessions and options – from frightened beginners to specific strokes.  This article will concentrate on running a breaststroke clinic for […]