Keep Clients Returning to Your Program

WorldWideSwimSchool starts lessons for Infants at 4 months of age.  We promote conditioning in the bath at home in the lead up to the first lesson in the pool.   Parents and swimmers may choose to start lessons at any time and should be welcomed into the program and given information and support to start their learning journey with the swim school.


How Do We Keep Clients Returning?

We want to make the Parent and Child’s first lessons at a swim school a positive and rewarding experience.  It’s in this initial stage of any program that parents will make the decision on whether or not swimming at your centre will be a priority and something they enjoy enough to continue with throughout the infants many stages of growth and development.  By providing information, support and a rewarding experience for clients it will ensure the growth of your business as people will not only return year after year but also recommend your centre to their friends and family.


Why Swim At Your Centre? 

Can you explain to your clients why they should be participating in lessons at your centre?  Why they should continue lessons after participating in a term, block, 6 months or years worth of swimming?  Some of these suggestions may help you in conveying this type of information to your families:

  • Communication of Swimming skills and why they are practised
  • Discussion of Growth and Development stages – physical, cognitive, social
  • Great bonding time for parent and child
  • A life skill that can be learned and practised from birth until adult
  • Continuous emphasis on water safety
  • Skill building program only teaches swimmers what is relevant for their age/capability – there is a lot to cover
  • Program moves at the ability of the swimmer
  • Lesson provided without friction or force


There are so many reasons that swimming is an important part of any child/parent’s learning.  Ensure that centre staff and management can convey these reasons to clients to keep them participating in lessons to make the decision to continue lessons an easy one.


Important Factors in Programming for Keeping Clients Interested

How do we create an exciting program that will keep clients returning for as long as possible?  There are so many answers to this question – here are just a few suggestions

  • Friendly and pleasant office staff able to answer any questions asked
  • Well trained and empathetic teachers with a good rapport with clients
  • A skill building program that doesn’t teach everything in one
  • An easy to use and understand rewards system that excites swimmers
  • Constant communication with parents about the importance of lessons
  • Fun and exciting lessons that entice the swimmer to return


The possibilities are endless!  Swim schools that truly believe that swimming is a skill for life and understand how important constant swimming is will have the ability to communicate this with parents and swimmers and keep clients interested in their program for as long as possible.


How do you keep your clients returning?  Please share in the comments below.


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