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This section has been designed specifically for swim teachers resource for swimming teachers. Utilising in-house teacher training or individual professional development is extremely important to establish efficient swimming lessons and to facilitate ones own learning.

World Wide Swim School has been recognised by Austswim and Swim Australia as a quality professional development program. Therefore swimming teachers can use the interactive learning programs for upgrade professional development points towards their re-accreditation.

Laurie Teaching Freestyle

Learn to Swim

Great learn to swim programs should follow progressive teaching of basic learn to swim skills. If swimming teachers follow a progressive system and students are given an opportunity to master basic swimming skills efficiently, a relaxed and quality swimming stroke can be developed.

World Wide Swim School in using Laurie’s methods and has broken each stroke down into basic learning components, demonstrating how to progress beginner learners into efficient swimmers.

Laurie Lawrence’s passion for baby swimming began after the birth of his first child in 1975. With help from his three children, Laurie carefully researched, documented and developed a baby learn to swim program which today is internationally recognised.

Reasons to join

  • WWSS is designed to enhance swimming teachers knowledge, share ideas and build a community of people who are dedicated to delivering swimming lessons of the highest standard
  • By joining WWSS you are making a commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Laurie has always believed in continual education to grow and get better with the intention to be the best in the world
  • Laurie’s track record of success is no accident and he has created WWSS to share his secrets
  • For more reasons click HERE

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Learn the Laurie Lawrence Philosophy of Teaching Swimming Now!!!

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