Workplace Health & Safety

Swimming centres should be a safe and healthy place for both clients that participate in swimming lessons, patrons who attend for public swims and the staff that work in and around the pool every day.

All swim centres should be committed to ensuring a safe & healthy workplace for staff and others who are affected by workplace activities.  This can be done by eliminating or minimising the risk of injury to people and the risk of damage to plant and equipment.

Swim centres should achieve this by following relevant legislation and adopting a strategy of:

  • Identifying hazards in the workplace
  • Assessing risks to workers and others
  • Deciding on control measures
  • Implementing those controls
  • Monitoring that the controls are effective

Does your centre provide:

  • A safe work environment
  • A safe systems of work for our workers
  • Suitable and safe equipment
  • Information, instruction, training & supervision to ensure staff are safe

Does your centre ensure that:

  • Equipment is maintained
  • Chemicals are used safely
  • Managers and supervisors take reasonable precautions and exercise proper diligence to comply with safety obligations

If owners, managers and staff work together to minimise risks and danger in the workplace if will only be on very rare occasions that an incident should occur.  Risk management should be an every day priority to ensure safety of everyone at the centre.

If an incident should occur it is important that the people involved fill out an appropriate form (please see below links).  All incidents should be recorded and filed so as to access any information at a later date for review, insurance or investigative purposes.  Remember to fill out forms legibly and with as much detail as possible to make it easy to understand for anyone who will be reading the form in the future.

Workplace Hazard Report

Register of Injury

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