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The World Wide Web has given Laurie Lawrence, Australia’s water safety guru, baby teaching expert and gold medal Olympic swim coach an opportunity to:

  • Share 40 years of successful swimming teaching techniques that have taken swimmers from raw beginners to Olympians and Olympic Medallists
  • Educate parents on successful swimming teaching techniques used to teach babies and children to swim
  • Provide a quality resource for swimming teachers
  • Contribute to improving the quality of swimming teaching around the world

Laurie’s love and passion for swimming began as a young boy when his father managed the famous Tobruk pool in Townsville. Its tropical north Queensland location made it the perfect training venue for swimming greats like Dawn Fraser and Jon Henricks. These early experiences as a child would forever influence his learn to swim philosophy.

After completing a Diploma in Physical Education, Laurie started his swim teaching career in the very venue where he admired the swimming greats. For 8 years in a row, Laurie taught to swim the child who won the 10 year old Queensland state championship for freestyle. Laurie went on to coach many of these children to medals at the Olympic Games. This unique feat in international swimming has made Laurie’s learn to swim methods internationally recognised.

Great learn to swim programs should follow progressive teaching of basic learn to swim skills. If swimming teachers follow a progressive system and students are given an opportunity to master basic swimming skills efficiently, a relaxed and quality swimming stroke can be developed.

World Wide Swim School in using Laurie’s methods, he has broken each stroke down into basic learning components, demonstrating how to progress beginner learners into efficient swimmers.

About Laurie Lawrence

Laurie Lawrence, a former Australian Rugby Union Representative and Olympic and World Champion Gold Medal Swim Coach was born in Townsville, tropical North Queensland. His father, “Stumpy” was for many years the manager of the famous Tobruk pool on Townsville’s foreshore. During 1956 and 1960 the Tobruk pool was the training venue for the Australian Olympic Team. Swimming greats like Dawn Fraser, Lorraine Crapp, Jon Henricks, John Konrads, Murray Rose, David Theile and John Devitt were some of the many athletes that trained there. As a young boy Laurie was steeped in this environment. This was the beginning of Laurie’s love and passion for swimming.

Laurie the swim school owner

Laurie Lawrence Swim School, a family owned and operated business, was established in Queensland in 1966. Since then the Swim School has produced a large number of State, National, Commonwealth, World and Olympic champions. Laurie has taught children to swim, progressed them through junior squads and coached many to medals at the Olympic Games. This is a unique feat in International swimming and has made Laurie Lawrence Swim School a world leader in quality teaching programs. Today Laurie Lawrence Swim School teaches children of all ages to love the water, be safe in the water and give them a relaxed natural stroke to last a lifetime.

Laurie the baby teaching expert

Laurie’s passion for baby swimming began after the birth of his first child in 1975. With help from his three children, Laurie carefully researched, documented and developed a program which today is internationally recognised. Laurie’s program is unique in that it:

  • Integrates baby’s physical, social and emotional needs into the swimming lesson
  • Pre-Conditions baby for submersion, by teaching them to respond (hold their breath) to verbal triggers
  • Teaches baby to swim without the assistance of floatation devices
  • Encourages baby to be independent in and around water at the earliest possible age
  • Teaches baby safety skills that may one day save their life

Laurie the coach

Laurie has coached Australia’s elite swimmers at Brisbane’s 1982 and Edinburgh’s 1986 Commonwealth Games, as well as Los Angeles 1984, Seoul’s 1988 and Barcelona’s 1992 Olympic Games. His coaching achievements boast 10 gold, 11 silver and 12 bronze medals from swimmers he has directly assisted at Olympic level. Some of his best known protege’s include; Jon Sieben, Duncan Armstrong, Tracey Wickham and Steven Holland.

Laurie the water safety advocate

Drowning is the greatest cause of accidental death in the under five age group in Australia. In 1988, Laurie launched the “Kids Alive” Drowning Prevention Campaign to combat the problem. Today, with support from the Federal Government and community service advertising, the program runs nationally. As a result drowning statistics have reduced significantly. According to Laurie there is still a long way to go. “Our target is zero deaths by drowning”.

Laurie the motivator

Laurie’s coaching achievements, his communication skills, and his unique brand of humour saw the Australian Olympic Committee make him an integral part of the Australian team at the Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Laurie was part of the Australian Olympic team with the brief to unite, inspire, motivate and relax the entire team. Laurie will once again join the Australian Olympic Team at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Laurie’s successes have today made him one of the worlds most sought after motivational speakers.

Laurie the academic

Laurie also balanced his life around the pool with academic studies. His academic achievements boast:

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree (James Cook University)
  • Diploma of Teaching (Kelvin Grove Teachers College)
  • Diploma of Physical Education (University of Queensland)
  • Master Coach Swimming Australia
  • International Hall of Fame Honor Coach
  • Honorary Doctorate (Griffith University)


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