Laurie interviews the great's of our sport

Podcast Lauch

Laurie recounts his time as an Olympic swimming coach in this latest podcast.

Steve Holland

Steve Holland Olympic Medalist, Commonwealth Games Champion.

Duncan Armstrong

Duncan Armstrong Olympic Medalist, Commonwealth Games Champion.

Jon Sieben

Jon Sieben, a young kid who at 17 years of age won the Olympic gold medal.

Debbie Flintoff-King

Debbie Flintoff-King is a Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games athlete.

ABC Interview

ABC Conversations interview  with Laurie. Listen here.

Dawn Fraser

Dawn helped shape Laurie's love of swimming and as a starry-eyed kid idolised her.

David Berkoff

Laurie recounts the first time he encountered David Berkoff at the Olympics.

Phil King

Phil King - he once said, if you have no plan, you are treading the path of failure. 

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