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Laurie Lawrence’s passion for baby swimming began after the birth of his first child in 1975. With help from his three children, Laurie carefully researched, documented and developed a baby learn to swim program which today is internationally recognised.

Over the past 40 years Laurie has observed first hand the many benefits that young children can receive from participating in quality learn to swim programs. Laurie believes learning to swim from infancy will:

  • Teach children a respect for the water making them less likely to wander into dangerous water situations
  • Improve children’s physical development, coordination, health, fitness and muscle tone
  • Build children’s independence, confidence and social skills
  • Teach children a love of the water – a gift for life
  • Teach children water safety skills which may one day save their life
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Laurie’s infant aquatics program is unique in that it,

  • Integrates baby’s physical, social and emotional needs into the swimming lesson
  • Pre-Conditions baby for submersion, by using a stimulus response method which teaches baby breath control on verbal triggers
  • Teaches baby to swim without the assistance of floatation devices
  • Encourages baby to be independent in and around water at the earliest possible age
  • Teaches baby safety skills that may one day save their life
  • Focuses on developing a love for, not fear of the water

Good learn to swim programs should focus heavily on children’s physical capabilities and their social and emotional needs. Children’s physical development on land will have a huge bearing on what the child will be physically capable of achieving in the swimming lesson. Their social and emotional needs will also determine the suitability of games and activities within the swim lesson framework. For this reason World Wide Swim School breaks its program down into growth and developmental stages for children under 5.


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