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World Wide Swim School is a leading online swimming platform for coaches, teachers, swim schools and parents. It has been developed by Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion Swim Coach, Underwater 5-Year-Old Water Safety Advocate and former Australian Rugby Union Representative, Laurie Lawrence.

World Wide Swim School’s training modules and resources have all been developed to educate the swimming industry, children and parents about water safety practices, by using Laurie’s world-renowned philosophies. Recognised by industry partners SCTA/Swim Australia, AUSTSWIM and ASSA, NZSCTA, USSA, we have taken swimmers from beginners to Olympic Medalists. Start your online swim training today!

About Laurie Lawrence


Laurie’s learn to swim philosophies are the product of more than 50 years of successful swim techniques and coaching achievements. This includes 10 gold, 11 silver and 12 bronze medals from swimmers he assisted at Olympic level. As a result, the Australian Olympic Committee make Laurie an integral part of the Australian team at all Olympic Games between 1996 and 2012.

The culmination of decades of experience in the swimming industry has lead Laurie to create World Wide Swim School. Learn More

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What our Customer are Saying


Invaluable Resource

WWSS has been an invaluable resource for our Learn to Swim program and our swimming instructors alike. The Swim School Hub has been instrumental in helping our swim instructors achieve excellence in our swimming program across all levels.

The easy-to-follow format, videos, and simple instructions across all levels have been a great way to keep our instructors engaged in teaching.

Would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of using the platform.

Swim Coordinator - WA

We would recommend it to everyone!

Using the Swim School Hub helps to ensure that everyone who works with us, runs their lessons “our chosen way”, and ensures consistency of teaching styles across all of our classes and locations. We have a true understanding of what we are teaching and why, with a proven teaching method.

This has given us much more confidence in our lesson delivery. The resources available are immense, everything is clear and very easy to follow and the support and customer care have been amazing.

We would recommend it to everyone!

Swim School Owner - Canada

Thank you for expanding awareness!

It was a good reminder to insure the child feels safe and comfortable in the environment and not to make them do things they don’t feel comfortable with. Thank you for expanding the awareness to all of our team, it not only makes a big step forward in our industry but also in the world.

Laurie Lawrence Swim School , Swim School

A great tool for every swim school.

For the last 2 years, we have been unable to run face-to-face training with our staff due to Covid lockdowns. The Swim School Hub has been a valuable asset for training our staff during these times. Convenience and varied modules for new instructors to senior instructors are brilliant.

The modules have given staff new ideas to keep motivated and have clearer outcomes for their students. Keeping track of staff qualifications, and the ability to assist staff to update their qualifications has kept valuable staff from leaving. The setup and continued support have been fantastic.

A great tool for every swim school.

Swim School Manger - USA

The module provided great explanations!

The module did a great job at explaining the science behind how/why people will respond to experiences. I enjoyed all of it - I believe it’s a beautiful thing to see the awareness of child safety and how we can positively help children enjoy swimming long term.

Laurie Lawrence Swim School , Swim Teacher

I knew exactly what to do in an emgerncy

I experienced an emergency where a lady had collapsed in the water. Because I completed this training and watched the videos, I knew exactly what I needed to do to help her.

Connor , Swim Teacher

A significant step closer to compliance with the Child Safe Standards

I highly recommend Child Safe Training to every swim school. The online training is simple, easy to use and understand, and covers some important aspects of child safety. It is a step-by-step process to follow working toward meeting the 10 Child Safe Standards. I felt comfortable that we were a significant step closer to compliance with the Child Safe Standards and ensuring our instructors understood the importance of child safety.

Belinda , Swim School Owner

Gives me confidence to know how to respond

Having the knowledge that my team have completed watched the ERR videos and completed this comprehensive online training gives me the confidence to know they will be able to respond appropriately in an emergency situation if one is to occur.

Alice , Swim School Supervisor

Very helpful and provides practical tips!

It provided practical tips and simple explanations. The module content was very helpful in explaining the way to handle things and provides an understanding of how people and little people react. I would definitely recommend this training to other swim practitioners.

Laurie Lawrence Swim School , Swim Teacher

I love the Swim PD Academy!

I love the Swim PD Academy platform! World Wide Swim School has been the most valuable resource for my learning. The Philosophy of Teaching Swimming allows us as Teachers to put everything into place, providing the best possible outcome.

As an Infant & Preschool Teacher, seeing this beautiful gentle approach to learning is what I aspire to teach most, the skills, knowledge, and understanding of how the development progress unfolds all makes sense and is so vital.

Great job!

Swim Teacher - Melbourne

World Wide Swim School’s training modules and resources have all been developed to educate the swimming industry, children and parents about water safety and best practices, by using Laurie’s world-renowned philosophies. 


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