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The Junior Coaching Academy is designed to enhance swimming coaches’ knowledge, share ideas and build a community of swimming instructors who are dedicated to delivering swimming programs of the highest standard. The Academy demonstrates your commitment to your ongoing professional development and will also provide you with training content including lesson plans, training videos and educational articles, which will ensure you have all the up-to-date tools you need to become a world-class junior coach. The comprehensive video training modules in the Junior Coaching Academy, include:

Strokes (Stroke Progressions)

  • Butterfly
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Freestyle

Stroke Development

  • 30 Minute Stroke Development
  • 45 Minute Stroke Development
  • 60 Minute Stroke Development
  • 90 Minute Stroke Development
  • Dives, Breakouts, Finishes & Turns
  • Effective Coaching For Stroke Development

Coaches Toolbox

  • Stroke Development Papers
  • Laurie coaching sessions
  • Latest research and high-level industry important articles

Building Workout

  • Coaching Session Plans
  • Coaching Tool Templates


These professional development training modules and resources developed by Laurie will assist you to:

  • Understand what a good program should include
  • Understand children’s physical abilities
  • Learn what swimmers are capable of
  • Learn how to develop session plans
  • Deliver world class Junior swim training sessions

  If you have any questions, please contact us.

With the latest technologies available World Wide Swim School is able to bring Laurie’s wealth of knowledge directly to every swim coach through the Junior Coaching Academy. The Academy will provide you with:

  • Skill-based training videos
  • Lesson plans for all strokes and training sessions
  • Latest research and high-level industry articles

I live in a country area of Victoria which means I’m on my own in terms of learning and development. I have received so much positive feedback from parents and children since I have started, one parent told me her kids only come if they know I’ll be coaching, another said their family refers to me as the “good coach”. And there’s been loads more compliments. So, thanks Laurie and the team. I hope you keep developing these online learning modules.” Phillippa, Victoria.