Benefits for You

The Junior Coaching Academy provides an extensive range online videos and resources for the junior coach.  We have packaged together a range of topic that bring Laurie’s wealth of knowledge directly to every swim coach.   

Topics For Coaches

The Junior Coaching Academy is designed to enhance swimming coaches’ knowledge, share ideas and build a community of coaches who are dedicated to delivering swimming programs of the highest standard. We have packaged together 10 topics critical to being the best coach. 

Laurie will share his valuable experience and knowledge across a range of skills designed to enhance a swim coaches’ knowledge and skills. The comprehensive video training modules and written resources in the Junior Coaching Academy, includes:

Strokes (Stroke Progressions)

  • Butterfly
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Freestyle

Stroke Development Sessions 

  • 30 Minute Stroke Development
  • 45 Minute Stroke Development
  • 60 Minute Stroke Development
  • 90 Minute Stroke Development

Coaches Toolbox

  • Dives, Breakouts, Finishes & Turns
  • Effective Coaching For Stroke Development

Building Workout

  • Coaching Session Plans
  • Coaching Tool Templates